MKE Wine Craze

Located at Clear, in the InterContinental Milwaukee Hotel

Wednesdays 5:30-8:30 PM

¡OY, España! Old traditions meet new flare in this month’s Wine Craze at InterContinental Milwaukee. August is when the grape growers gear up, as the start of the harvest is not far away. Our tour leads you on a hike through Spain’s rocky terrain, where rich fruits – glowing like jewels in the Spanish sun – grow atop the steep plateaus.

Which will you prefer? $5 for a Tasting

August 6

1 | Wine Tasting 2010, Marco Abella Loidana, Priorat

David Marco carries on the fortitude of his grandfather, from a family that has been growing wine for over 500 years. This tradition culminates with expressions on the bottles themselves with art from abstract artist Josep Guinovart. It is easy for one to feel an echo of Matisse and Picasso, a true visual expression of the winery’s link to the terroir of Priorat, the pride and history of Catalonia.

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2 | Wine Tasting 2009, Cellar Capaçanes, Mas Donis Barrica

The terrain is steep and hides this village in the hills of Monstant. In 1933, Capçanes began to change to compete with the market, and local families came together as a cooperative. While the pressure is high, as the weight of the village rests upon them to place it in proper light, they are successful. The combined efforts utilize the talents of three winemakers and 22 styles of production to answer the dynamic needs.
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August 13

3 | Wine Tasting N.V. 1312 Mestres Cava Brut

Dating back to 1312, the Mestres family made its living selling grapes in Penedes. This family was the first producer to register the word “cava” in 1959. If you visit now, you will eventually find, after navigating a labyrinth of ancient caves, owner/winemaker Joan Aura. She’ll be plugging away, turning bottles by hand – a rarity in the region, as many things are at this winery. The bottles age like fine champagne – rather – a very fine cava.
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4 | Wine Tasting N.V. Vega Barcelona Cava Brut

This winery is a representation of the work of Felix Parellada of Covides, a skilled winemaker who divides his time between multiple ventures. Felix also has his hands in Well Oiled Wine Co., an importer that specializes in Spanish and unique wine. Well Oiled Wine Co. gives a voice to brands that wouldn’t otherwise make it to our market. It represents the difficulty that a small vineyard or winemaker faces in getting their wine to your glass.
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August 20

5 | Wine Tasting 2011, Alto Cinco Cariñena

Antonio Treviño, wine director for Purple Wine Company, oversees this project, a combined effort with Bodegas Paniza. Paniza has 50 years of grape growing history and respect for the land; they take pride in the harmony of the relationship with the local olive groves, diversifying the region. Alto Cinco utilizes the high elevation and multiple parcels of land to produce a snapshot of Cariñena, a region with grape growing history echoing back to 50 B.C.
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6 | Wine Tasting 2007, Monte Vicor, Calatayud

Monte Vicor, an oasis in the rocky, dry terrain, is a new venture from the prestige of Bodegas Langa. Juan and Cesar Langa Gonzalez make high-quality wine, much like the four generations that came before them. They honor old traditions and invest in new technology, adhering to organic practices and local microbiology with native yeasts. Traveling down into the caves, one finds the caverns supported by century-old red brick arches. Many have described getting “forgotten characteristics” after tasting the wine that takes you back in time.

August 27

7 | Wine Tasting 2010, Bodegas Hermanos Perez Pascuas, El Pedrosal, Ribera Del Duero

Viña Pedrosa resides in the small town of Pedrosa de Duero. Founded by the proud Mauro Perez in 1980, the bodega’s vision is continued by Benjamín, Manuel and Adolfo Pérez Pascuas. Specializing in tempranillo, they have unprecedented regularity and quality with a vineyard in the youth of its days. Upon arriving, one might have the feeling of meeting the family they never had; Benjamín’s son, enologist José Manuel Pérez – who has taken the reins – greets guests with a warm welcome.
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8 | Wine Tasting 2009, Bodegas Triton Tridente Tempranillo, Castilla y León

Located south of Zamora in Castilla y León – also known as the “Land of Wine” – sits Bodegas Triton Tridente. It is part of the Juan Gil Bodegas Familiares, which has the resources to help bodegas like Tridente, and represents different indigenous parts of Spain, allowing them to reach more successful markets. Their goal is to bring together resources to help the Spanish people bring quality wine into the limelight. Frank Gonzales, an Australian enologist, has returned to his Spanish roots to work with the 70-year-old vines of Garnacha that line the valleys of this region tucked between steep plateaus.