MKE Wine Craze

Located at Clear, in the InterContinental Milwaukee Hotel

Wednesdays 5:30-8:30 PM

Shift gears and join us in Juillet, the month of many a French tradition. This month’s Wine Craze takes you on a Tour down the roads that wind and narrow through the gorgeous countryside of France, scents of ripening vines in the air. Cruise through fi ve weeks of aromatic adventure, each twist and turn bringing you closer to a hidden gem.

Which will you prefer? $5 for a Tasting

July 2

1 |
Wine Tasting 2012, Bieler Pere et Fils Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence, Rose

Charles Bieler – prolific in the Rosé world – is most known for being a part of the Three Thieves, and driving around in the ‘90s promoting Rosé in a pink Cadillac. Catch a glimpse of this wine innovator at his father’s operation in Provence or Southern Rhone, where he sports a pink tux.

2 |
Wine Tasting Château Peyrassol, Côtes de Provence, Rose

Francoise Rigord, aka Dame de Peyrassol, has helped shape the identity of the Camanderie since its medieval origins of the Knights Templar. Currently, she leaves it in the capable hands of winemaker Philippe Austruy, who invests his time crafting a new legend for this château.
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July 9

3 |
Wine Tasting NV, Bollinger Special Cuveé Brut

Bollinger has a sophisticated excellence in the village of Aÿ, almost as if this wine was born in those narrow streets and alleys after a wealthy noble inherited the land and created the house with unlikely partners in 1829. Visiting this champagne house, you not only indulge in bottled legacy, but also discover its legendary silver screen success. Walking through the doors of the stone gate makes one utter, “Bollinger? If it is a ‘69, you were expecting me.” – James Bond, Moonraker, 1979

4 |
Wine Tasting NV, Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne Brut

Nicolas Feuillatte is the face of a brand that has outlasted competition from centuries-old champagne houses. In just 35 years, the brand has climbed to meteoric success due to his tenacity and precision. This house is an alliance of 82 cooperatives and 4,500 winegrowers. Looking over this region is like staring at a vast rolling sea of green, and technically a small ocean of champagne.
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July 16

5 |
Wine Tasting 2009, Château Coutet Grand Cru, St. Emilion, Bordeaux

A rich history is hidden in the picturesque hills that surround Xavier David Beaulieu’s estate, the site of an odyssey that echoes back to the ancient Romans. Beaulieu is a gracious host and welcomes all to his tasting room. If you are lucky, you get to see his centuries-old barrel room, with bottles stored before the United States was a twinkle in Jefferson’s eye.

6 |
Wine Tasting 2011 Château Lécuyer, Pomerol, Bordeaux

If one were to look out over this small estate on the Pomerol plateau, they could see the rooftops of the villages in Bordeaux. Emeric Petit is the driver behind this newer project, creating wine unlike anything else in the world. However, many know him and his ancestral wine family by its estate Château Tournefeuille.

July 23

7 |
Wine Tasting 2009 Domaine du Jaugaret, St. Julien, Bordeaux

The estate is small, with just 18 rows of vines, cobwebbed lamps and a musty stone cellar, but the wine is so very grand. Jean-François Fillastre has kept it in the family since 1654. Some recall the 1945 vintage as the best wine drinking of their lives. Alas, all things come to an end, as it is the plight of smaller estates getting forced out by the larger, more flashy Bordeaux wines.
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8 |
Wine Tasting 2009, Château La Peyre, St. Estephe, Bordeaux

René Rabiller took over his family winery rather than see it sold to a big name like Rothschild. He, like many, follows old traditions with multiple skill sets. René is one of 44 that can now, since 2006, legally call himself Cru Artisan, or “vintage craftsman.”
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July 30

9 |
Wine Tasting 2011, Daniel Chotard, Sancerre

As you walk up this small hill in Sancerre you might hear the accordion in the background. It is played by Daniel, another success in a long line of family vignerons in Reigny since 1789. The jazz music that he is so passionate for translates into his wine, creating harmonies and crescendos that need to be tasted.
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10 |
Wine Tasting 2011, Lucien Crochet, Sancerre

In the small village of Bué, on a small rise above the church, in the center of the village, you’ll find Lucien Crochet, a combination of estates with a rich family history. It is now owned by Gilles Crochet, who inherited his father’s respect for the land, vines and those heavenly pearls of gold that glow in the summer sun.