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Satisfy your senses this December with the flirtatious allure of luxurious effervescence. Elevate your evening as you indulge in the captivating caress of this month’s various bewitching elements.

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December 3

Wine Tasting2011, Auguste Bonhomme, Vouvray La Forcine, Loire, France

Based on the Atlantic side of France’s Loire Valley, Auguste Bonhomme's estate has been a family-run operation for five generations. Currently, the estate is co-managed by his sons François and Guy Bonhomme. He grows mainly Melon de Bourgogne – more commonly known as Muscadet – on his 15-hectare domaine and produces some stunning wines. His dedication has placed his family’s heritage into a special organization, “Vignerons du Gorgeois,” which includes 13 other estates. Vignerons du Gorgeois was founded in 1997 with lofty goals to achieve recognition for the premium level of effort that they place upon the Gorges appellation.


Wine Tasting2012, Charles Bove, Vouvray, Loire, France

Picture it’s the 19th Century in Montrichard in the Loire Valley, and you come upon a vast quarry, mined for rocks for building châteaus in the region. This abandoned quarry is now home to a great spectacle, a network of 15 kilometers of underground chalky limestone tunnels used to store thousands of bottles of fermented delights. The Charles Bove company uses the best selections that the region’s vineyards offer in order to craft its expressions of Chenin Blanc.

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December 10

Wine TastingN.V., Giulio Cocchi, Brachetto d'Acqui, Piedmont, Italy

In the late 19th century, industrious pastry chef Giulio Cocchi moved to Asti and fell in love, marrying the daughter of a local bar owner. That bar – Bar Cocchi – is still standing today. Here was the inception of their beautiful aromatized wines, famous for their sparkling. By 1913 there were 12 tasting bars, and the brand reached cult status around the world. Flash-forward to today and the Bava family continues the many traditions and the special niche nature, all while providing some of the best wines on the market.

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Wine Tasting2013, Gianni Gagliardo, 'Villa M' Rosso, Piedmont, Italy

A testament to what can be achieved with hard work, the Gagliardo family passion extends far enough that they consider themselves bears of the industry. Spanning four generations, the vineyard is a family effort with Gianni at the helm and sons Stephen, Albert and Paul all undertaking divided operational estate duties. They are most known for their Nebbiolo that has been crowned king of their estate. However, their prized Villa M also provides a beautiful showcase of the region with a more carefree partition of their portfolio.

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December 17

Wine TastingN.V., 1312 Mestres Cava Brut

Dating back to 1312, the Mestres family made its living selling grapes in Penedès. This family was the first producer to register the word “Cava” in 1959. If you visit now you will eventually find, after navigating a labyrinth of ancient caves, owner/winemaker Joan Aura. She’ll be plugging away, turning bottles by hand – a rarity in the region, as many things are at this winery. The bottles age like fine champagne – rather – a very fine Cava.

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Wine TastingN.V., Gramona, Grand Cuvee, Cava Brut, Spain

At the heart of Penedès, one finds Gramona. Even with the breathtaking Mediterranean and the mountain of Montserrat, grapes and wine are still the most precious element, next to family. Like many Cava houses, the Batlle family has a distant history with Spanish wine. They were some of the first to begin experimenting with the techniques to make sparkling wine, or Champán de Cava, in its early days. Cousins Xavier and Jaume Gramona make up the fifth generation to continue the tradition, as they merge past and present with modern biodynamic techniques.

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December 24

Wine Tasting2010, Taltarni, Taché Brut Rose, Australia

Beginning from the Goelet Family, Taltarni has been on the cutting edge of biodynamics. Senior winemaker Robert 'Roo' Heywood not only makes the wine, but helps oversee their “Insectarium,” sustainability at its best. They use the micro food chain to create pest control for the wine, resulting in utterly pure juice and some expressions of grapes that rival European caliber and tradition.

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Wine TastingN.V., d’Arenberg, DADD Brut

With seven trophies and 29 gold medals – all before 1970 – d’Arry helped bring forth a serious name in quality Australian wine. The site in McLaren Vale began with d’Arry’s grandfather Joseph Osborn in 1912 and continues today with d’Arry’s son Chester. Even after 65 consecutive vintages and a Medal of the Order of Australia in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for contributions to the wine industry, they still have the great ability to be humble about their past. For Chester, it is more about the fun and stories he has been able to create along the way.

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