Renée luna Bebeau

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Gallerie M - Exhibit


Renée luna Bebeau
Summer's Garden
September 22 2017-

Opening reception is Gallery Night - Friday, September 22 6pm-8pm

Artist Biography

Renée luna Bebeau is a multi dimensional artist who lives and works in Milwaukee. She uses a variety of mediums in her practice to create the work that beckons. She is active in the art community in her city and is a curator and instructor. She shares a studio with artist husband, Todd Mrozinski, in the Nut Factory in Riverwest.

Artist Statment

As an artist and a gardener, the things that grow inspire me and motivate new creations. The colors at the peak of summer entice our senses and put us at ease. Artists throughout time have been making paintings of flowers, vegetables and fruit. I continue this tradition in my own style, emulating some of my favorites like old Dutch still life with their rich, dark backgrounds or hoping to capture the fuzz on a peach the way Cezanne did.
The layered food scraps in my clear, glass compost container create beautiful compositions and it lets me celebrate the food that keeps me alive and healthy by making paintings of them. Composting is an effective way of being part of the solution to the landfill issues in this country. Breaking down the food waste in your own back yard cuts back the immense amount of garbage that needs to be dealt with every day. I enjoy watching the process and transformation of the waste turning back into rich, fertile soil. It connects me to mother earth and the nature of my own life, death and rebirthing process.

About Gallerie M

Gallerie M is a Milwaukee art gallery located on the first floor of the InterContinental Milwaukee and features inspiring local and regional artwork. InterContinental Milwaukee art gallery curates the space on a rotating basis. Exhibits will be on display for 4 to 6 weeks with an Opening Night Reception on a date of the artist's choosing. For more information about Milwaukee artists and exhibits, contact the current curator, Cassy Scrima, via email at to inquire about showing in Gallerie M.



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